Social Media Tips For Twenties

Social Media Tips For Your Twenties And Beyond

Social Media at 18 is a lot different than at 22 and beyond — or at least it should be. It’s a great tool for networking, staying connected with friends far away, and keeping up with family (pro — you can block crazy Aunt Sally from seeing your content).

As you cannonball into adulthood, here are some tips and tricks so your online presence is as polished as possible.

Tidy Up
Be easy to find, yet hard to object to. Your future boss, client, or significant other won’t be too keen on your keg-stand videos plastered on your timeline. Stay away from overly edgy posts and pictures — because you never know who’s checking out your profiles. Don’t risk losing out on a job offer because the recruiter thought you were a hot mess from Facebook. Do some spring cleaning on social.

Post The Right Content On The Right Channel
Know which content is right for which channel — and post accordingly. Each social media platform has its purposes… here’s the scoop on the top four.

  • Twitter is my go-to for current/breaking news, interacting with brands, and getting the latest from public figures I follow.
  • Instagram is my go-to for visual content (pics, videos, stories, etc). It’s a great way to document memories, trips, etc. But, don’t post stories you’ll regret later… it may only be up for 24 hours but it’s living on the web forever somewhere.
  • LinkedIn is all on professional networking and development. It’s your online resume and a great place to make connections to further your career. This is not Facebook. Steer clear from political rants, online arguments, etc. You’ll look ridiculous and could lose your job.
  • Facebook is essentially the catch-all. It’s the primary social platform that has a bit of everything. I honestly use the messenger app more than Facebook itself, but it’s a great tool to interact with people in your network, friends, and family. It’s more or less your landing page… but more and more people are moving away from Facebook and onto other platforms.

Don’t Be Egocentric
You know who I’m talking about — that friend that posts on and on and on about how absolutely ah-maaazinggg their life is. The staged photos of you wine-tasting, bubble-bathing, spa-going, car-buying, bottle-servicing, and hello-freshing are honestly obnoxious if that’s all you post about. (That said, Hello Fresh is awesome)

Post about things you care about. Sure, document your weekend and put your best foot forward. If you’re having a great time… post about it. But, don’t make your media profiles be an utter shrine unto yourself. You’re not a celebrity. If you are, then frankly these rules don’t apply.

Don’t Be An Addict
Social is a great tool… but it’s purposefully addicting. Be wise about how much time you’re spending social media. Most people spend hours a day and it’s really not that productive. Honestly, how many likes you get really doesn’t matter. If you really want a reality check (and have an iPhone) — use screen time to see an unfiltered look into how addicted to social media you actually are.

Post Purposefully
Don’t just post for the sake of posting. Instead, post funny, relevant, or meaningful content that’s a reflection of who you are.


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