5 tips to celebrate summer

5 Tips To Celebrate Summer With Your Friends (Before It’s Over)

Summer seems to always go by way, way too quickly. In just the blink of an eye, we’re already nearing the end of August. Because nobody wants to look back and feel they didn’t take advantage of the summertime, here are 5 things to do so you can fill your weekends up before summer’s over.

  1. Go On A Group Hike — Get outside! Get a group of friends together and get some exercise in with good company. Exercise in nature is proven to reduce stress and increase those feel-good chemicals we need to keep us in a better mood
  2. Find Water — Ocean, Lake, River — whatever works! Find some water and spend the day playing in and on it. My favorite place to be is on the water… and it’s always more enjoyable when it’s warmer outside.
  3. Plan An Overnight Trip To A Town 2-4 Hours Away (By Car) — Regardless of where you live, there is probably something cool a few hours away. Get away for a night or two and explore a new town. It doesn’t need to be a massive tourist attraction, just go somewhere you’ve heard good things about and spend the weekend there!
  4. Throw A BBQ Party — Get a grill. Get your friends together. Fill a cooler. Turn the grill on. Put meat on the grill. Drink something out of the cooler. Eat the meat. Repeat.
  5. Watch The Sunrise — Few things are more peaceful to me than a morning sunrise. Although getting up early is never a ton of fun, it sure is worth it.

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