5 Adulting Myths You Probably Believe

5 Myths About Adulthood (You Still Believe)

5 Myths About Adulthood

(By Mike)

Adulting is hard. Period. Often we’re not totally prepared for what we are getting ourselves into. For me, the hardest part about adulthood was the misconceptions I had. The years after college were different than I expected — in many ways better, and in some ways worse. Here are a few myths I believed (that I wish I didn’t).

1. I’ll Land My Dream Job

The unfortunate reality is that the job market is very competitive. Your dream job may be many years out. Try to reverse engineer your career life, and work backwards. Make strategic steps to learn, grow, and prepare yourself for the opportunities you’ll need to land your dream job. Make a strategic plan, and take the necessary action to execute it.

2. It’s Better (Or Worse) Than College And High School

It’s just different. More responsibilities, more bills, and less free time. But, you also enjoy more freedom, new environments, and opportunities to self-discover. Your life is what you make it – so make it great.

3. I’ll Keep My Friends

Maybe. I have a handful of friends I’ve known since childhood. I also have a larger group of friends I met in adulthood. Some friends are for a season, and some are for a lifetime. Cherish both.

4. Life Will Be Like A Sitcom

Friends isn’t really an accurate depiction of your 20s. A 30 year old Paleontologist in Manhattan simply cannot afford a luxury apartment downtown without a serious trust fund. Adulting is expensive. But, don’t fear. You’ll make your own memories — and your journey will be better than anything you see on TV.

5. I Need To Know It All 

Quite the contrary actually. Your 20s are an opportunity to explore your passions, to learn new things, and to take risks. You don’t need to have it all figured out. Trust me, employers would much rather hire someone with high integrity and a good work ethic than someone who is a master at Excel or Salesforce. Be a sponge with a teachable attitude. You’ll find your way soon enough.


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