8 things to learn before 22

8 Things To Learn To Do Before 22

(This one’s by Mike)

1. How To Change A Tire

At some point (if you haven’t already), you’re going to have a flat tire. It’s never at the right time, either. So, you need to be prepared when the time comes in order to get back on the road quickly. Get to know your car. Figure out where the spare tire is (usually the trunk), and how the jack works ahead of time, so when you really need it — you’ll be all set. Plus, you’ll be in a position to help other people stranded on the side of the road when you feel like scoring some extra points in the “good deeds” category. I know someone who met his wife this way.

2. How To Do Your Taxes

While I’m an advocate for hiring a CPA if you have complicated taxes, it’s good practice to know how it all works. If you’re a W2 employee without self-employment or taxable investment income, it’s typically pretty simple to do at home. Be sure to be organized ahead of time — and keep everything “tax related” in a separate file. Make sure you keep an eye on your mail so you don’t throw anything away that’s pertinent to file on time.

3. How To Save For Retirement

There are a ton of different options here — and everyone’s situation is different. That said, be sure you know what benefits you have at your job. Maybe a 401(k)? If so, you may be eligible to receive an employer “match” up to a certain percentage. Don’t leave free money on the table and get to know your options. For those self-employed, there are several plans tailored for your situation. It’s never to early to speak with a quality financial advisor to get you on the right track.

4. How To Self Improve

Strive to get better every day. Listen to podcasts. Read more. Always be learning something new every single day. Seek to find the areas where you need improvement, and work on them. Maybe it’s the discipline to work out every morning. Or, maybe it’s working on your temper. We all have things we could work on, and those of us who have the humility to admit it and attack it are the ones who become high achievers.

My current favorite podcast is the Jordan Harbinger Show — if you’re looking for a great place to learn something new and receive clear, actionable advice to implement immediately, look now further than his show.

5. How To Iron Clothing

Wrinkled clothing looks sloppy — learn how to properly iron your shirts, pants, and other articles of clothing so you can walk out the door looking stylish and confident. Guys (especially those of you who wear dress shirts every day) — here’s a great resource: https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/how-to-iron-shirt/

6. How To Tie A Tie

Ok, so this one is a bit more for the guys out there — but ladies, if you know how to do this, you can really help him out in a pinch. Tying a tie is exceptionally important as we get older. Whether it’s for our job or a formal event, we’ll want to make sure we are rocking a well-tied knot. Don’t look like you’re wearing your dad’s suit — know how to dress up in style. A well-tied knot will be the signature finish to your look.

7. How To Cook

Eating out everyday isn’t copasetic for saving money. I’m totally guilty of this, and I understand it is so much easier to eat out than to cook at home. But, you end up wasting a ton of money and you’ll likely gain weight too. Cooking at home helps you both save money and eat healthier too since you’ll be aware of the ingredients going into your meals.

8. How To Make Classic Cocktails

Keg-stands of Keystone Light may have been the drinking style of choice in college, but once you graduate, it’s not quite as cool. Adulting requires classy drinking habits. So, at the very least, learn how to make a few classic cocktails meant for sipping, not chugging. My personal favorites are a Dry Martini, a Manhattan, and an Old Fashioned. (More to come on this topic.)

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