10 style mistakes men make

10 Common Style Mistakes Men Make

I find the most common catalyst for style mistakes in men is not knowing you’re making them. Sometimes, we just don’t know! I know I sure didn’t — especially in high school. Through trial and error, I began to find my way. You, however, can avoid much of the “error” part by avoiding these 10 style mistakes.

1. Wrong Undershirt We shouldn’t see your undershirt. This is probably the most common mistake around. If you’re wearing a tie with a button-down, then go ahead and opt for the crew neck undershirt because your shirt is buttoned all the way up. No tie? Go with a v-neck.

2. Matching Socks to Shoes — This is also very common. Your socks should match the pants not the shoes. If you’re wanting to live on the wild side and rock a patterned sock — go for it! Just make sure the dominate color is matching the pants your wearing. Shorts? Go for no-show socks (don’t go without socks at all, you’ll get blisters and smell funky).

3. Under-Dressing — I go to a lot of semi-formal events, especially weddings or fundraisers for charities. There, I see a ton of guys really under-dressed. Semi-formal doesn’t mean a collared shirt and jeans. Make sure you know the dress code so you don’t stand out for the wrong reasons. Oh, and never ever wear a tie with a short-sleeved button-down.

4. Over-Accessorizing — I’m totally good with some bling from time to time… a nice watch, a ring, a necklace, etc. These can really up your game. But, wear accessories in moderation, everything at once. Looking like an 80s rockstar isn’t going to help you (unless, of course, you’re Alice Cooper).

5. Wrong Shoes — Shoes are an item that we can get creative with, but there are still a few things to avoid. For example: keep running shoes for running only. And, make sure the more formal the event, the more formal your shoes are. They’re the foundation of your outfit, so make sure they’re in good shape and in the dress code. Personally, I’m not a fan of the sneakers w/ suits trend.

6. Wrong Fragrance — Fresh, clean scents are primarily for spring and summer, while sweeter, spicer fragrances are reserved for fall and winter. Some are for evening, and others are better suited for daytime. Understand the fragrance you’re wearing and when the best time is to wear it. Once you have that locked down — don’t bathe in it, but don’t skimp out on it either. A few (3-4 total) squirts on various pulse points will typically do the trick.

7. Mis-Matching leather — If you want to be on the safe side, belts and shoes should match. Black and brown leather do not go together.

8. Great Clothes that Don’t Fit — I don’t care how much money you spent… if your clothes don’t fit right (too baggy, skin tight, etc.), you’re not going to look good. A $150 suit that’s tailored will look better than a $3,000 Canali that doesn’t fit.

9. Wrinkled Clothing — Iron your shirts and pants. Make sure your suits are pressed. Throw a t-shirt in the dryer for another go if it’s wrinkled. Wrinkled clothing makes you look like a slob. Women notice, and not in a good way.

10. Dressing Too Young — If you’re over 17, ditch the Abercrombie & Hollister branded T’s and polos. Make sure you’re dressing appropriately for your age. If you look like a high schooler (and you’re not in high school), step it up a bit. Women want to be with men, not boys. Plus, you’ll level-up your perceived maturity and be taken far more seriously in the workplace.


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