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Tips & Tricks To Nail Your Performance Eval


Start with preparation. Physical and mental preparation matters. I like to do a 1 minute power pose (see from Amy Cuddy Ted Talk). Get your head in the right space. Assume the best of your boss. You have to believe their intentions are in your best interest and a long term career with the company.

What About A Written Performance Appraisal? — Keep your written communications clean and focused. Answer the question directly (leave the requests and more sensitive topics for the conversation portion).

Use this written appraisal as an opportunity to highlight the areas in which you have gone above and beyond your “normal” job duties throughout the year. Trust me, they can’t remember everything each employee did, so this is your chance to highlight.

Note: You should never directly ask for a raise unless you absolutely must. This is a topic that should arise out of excellent performance. It is better to discuss a promotion/grade level vs. a dollar figure.

Helpful Phrases:

Persuasive Speech:

You have seen examples of how I _________.

You know me well enough to know that _________.

Wording for Promotion:

What are the things I could be doing to increase my promotability?

How do you see my job duties today, relative to where they were last year?

How does that translate to my promotability?

I would like to know where I can improve and am curious ast what your reasoning is for not selecting the highest rating?

Submitting a Request:

My desire would be to ____.

Followed up by validating any recognized concerns. (For example: working virtually could result in deteriorating the team dynamics).

After Submitting a Request:

What kind of a path could we put in place to make this possible?

Would a phase-in approach be appropriate here?


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