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6 Best Places To Shop (When Balling On A Budget)

We all want to look good, right? That’s why we’re here. But, sometimes stepping up our style game can be expensive and we can’t quite stretch our budget as far as we’d like to. Truth is, looking good doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars (despite what designer brands want you to think). Here are the top places I shop (my wife too) when I want a new look and can’t justify spending a ton of dough — but I don’t want anyone to know.

First thing I do is hit the clearance. While there are a ton of items that are understandably there for a reason (aka, they’re ugly), you can really find some diamonds in the rough too.

  1. TJ Maxx/Marshalls — I lump these together because they’re owned by the same company. Patience is a virtue here, but I’ve been shocked at what they have marked down. This is the store for the hunter. Not everything there is stylish and much is downright cheap/ugly – look at the materials before you buy. But, I’ve scored some incredible deals on designer brands. Most recently I found a genuine leather Peter Millar suede jacket retailing at $700 for just $50 (that was an impulse buy I’m proud of) and my wife found a screaming deal on designer shoes (over half of what Nordstrom was charging for exactly the same shoe). Also, FRAGRANCE. They have screaming deals on fragrance (if you know what you’re looking for). I also scored a 100ml bottle of Dolce & Gabbana The One for $40 (one of my favorite fragrances).


  2. Macy’s — I never… repeat NEVER buy anything here full price. They are constantly having sales and always have a full clearance rack to hunt through. While not everything there is stylish, you can be sure to find some great deals up to 80% off if you’re patient.


  3. Nordstrom Rack — I love Nordstrom. I love Nordstrom Rack. Maybe it’s the Seattle native in me, but I think they are one of the best department stores of all time. The service, return policy, and selection is really hard to beat. The Rack is no exception -especially during “Clear the Rack” events at Nordstrom, where clearance is marked down an additional 25%. The Rack is one of my favorite places to get great deals on shoes, dress clothes, and just about anything I need to look my best. Plus, they have a tailor on site!


  4. DSW — Designer Shoe Warehouse. I actually thought this place was just for women until my wife dragged me there. They have screaming deals on their clearance rack. I’ve found some awesome pairs of fashion sneakers, chukka boots, and more there. I’d still pay the extra for dress shoes at a Nordstrom because they’ll last so much longer – but this is a great place to get seasonal staples.


  5. Kohls – Kohls has great staples. They have some ridiculous sales on their clearance items. In the same vein as Macy’s, I never pay full price for things here. But, I never need to because they always have sales and great selection of staples.

    KOHLS HACK #1 – Join their rewards program (not the credit card). Spend money, and they give you “Kohls Cash” which basically works as a gift card. I have $20 burning a hole in my pocket right now.

    KOHLS HACK #2 – Log into their wifi! A screen will pop up and have digital coupons you can clip – I’ve scored one that was 20% off storewide. Umm, yes please.

  6. Ebay – This is tricky, so you want to make sure you know what you’re getting and the seller has good reviews. But, you can get some great deals on high-end designer clothes that have hardly been worn. Plus, bidding is fun.


  7. Bonus – Shop ANY store OUT OF SEASON. Spring is here, so you can get some great deals on peacoats and winter wear right now. Inventory is being changed, so stores need to make room. Make sure to buy timeless staples that will be in style next year and you’ll be scoring great deals on high-quality clothes.

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