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Life’s A Funny Thing.

After breaking up with my first high school girlfriend — which, of course, meant that my life was over and my social life was forever tarnished — my uncle gave me some sound advice. He said:

Life’s a funny thing, and sometimes you’re the punchline.

He was half-joking, and I do not think that he realized that the words he uttered were profound enough to at least be featured on (at least in my opinion).

Life went on, of course, and I’m now happily married. That short period of my life is a faded memory that makes me laugh whenever I look back. But, the words my uncle said still ring true with me every day. In business or personal life, we need to understand that sometimes, things will not go the way that we expect them to — and that’s fine! If we do not have the confidence to laugh along at the punchline — even if it’s us — then we won’t have the confidence and courage to keep a level head and make strategic decisions in the midst of tumultuous times. It’s OK to fail forward.

Now, not every difficult situation is humorous, but something must said for having an attitude that takes life in stride – and finds the funny as much as possible. If we can master said attitude, we will be better prepared to take the situations we find ourselves in and make strategic decisions for positive outcomes. This is something that I work on every day, and I certainly haven’t mastered it yet.

Whether it be in life, businesses, or your image — don’t be afraid to take risks. You’ll screw up sometimes (we all do), but trust me it’s worth it.

I’m a punchline – quite a lot I’m sure. So, laugh along!

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