mens dress shirt button down collar

PSA: The Button-Down Collar

Guys –

This is a men’s fashion public service announcement. The button-down collar can be super stylish. I own several, and love them (in fact I love the one in the featured pic above too), but a weird pet peeve of mine is when I see them worn incorrectly. I hardly notice style of other people when going about my day-to-day (unless I’m asked). That said, maybe I’m crazy (probably), but I’ve been seeing more and more button-down collars being worn out of context.

Here’s an example… I was at a fundraiser a while ago that was a semi-formal event. Not black tie, but several tuxedos were out that night. A friend of mine came up to me while I was in line for an Old Fashioned from the bar. He had a badass formal dinner jacket — satin lapels and all. His tie was awesome too. He looked good and was pumped to be there. His confidence was high.

Then I saw it…

He had a killer formal outfit and his shirt had a button down collar. I didn’t say anything that night… but did give him an FYI later.

Fast forward to another event a month later. There had to be 10 similar cases. Thus, the the inspiration of this article was born. Sometimes, we don’t know because nobody tells us. So… Gentlemen. A public service announcement from yours truly:

The Button-Down Collar is CASUAL in nature. Pairing very formal outfits with a button-down collar is a fashion trend you need to avoid. In fact, it’s not a fashion trend at all, but it is something I’ve been noticing as a common fashion mistake.

Wear it with a sport coat, casual tie, jeans, etc. There are a TON of ways to make this type of shirt stylish. Do not wear with formal clothing.

End rant.

One of my favorite resources for all things men’s style (Real Men Real Style) has a great article on all types of men’s collars. Read it. I learned something, and you can too!

To much success,


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