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[Ladies] Nothing to Wear?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just felt like you wanted to look fresh and nautical? Or you wanted to be sophisticated, or ethereal, or having a bloated day?… So many times I have plopped down, laid on my floor in front of my closet starring at my clothes thinking they all sucked. Eventually I get up because my very large dog starts walking on top of me and smacking me in the face with his tail. Sometimes in a last ditch effort I get so flustered that I ask my husband to put together an outfit for me. Big mistake. Unless you have a husband in tune with women’s wear, this option typically rarely or never works out. Mine will usually just pick one of the more scantily-clad outfits that I haven’t worn in years. Yes, because that’s appropriate to go to Costco in.

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That’s exactly the problem though… I have clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn in years!! We can tend to get emotionally attached to clothes because of memories or in hope that we will still find use for them. As painful as it is, doing a wardrobe refresh is necessary. It’s not just for staying up to date with trends but more so for your overall confidence. After being washed and worn for years, clothes can start to deteriorate.  And sometimes after a few wears, the novelty is over. I learned years ago from a therapist that sometimes to start feeling better and thinking better that you have to forcefully take the actions that would lead to that way of thought. Women have relationships with their clothes. It’s like a bad boyfriend. You keep giving that sweater a chance but for a while now it does not make your feel good. Let it go. That relationship is over.

Throwing out a large amount of clothes is hard and costly. I recommend having a seasonal routine of going through your clothes and picking out a few items at a time to toss out. This way you are splitting up what new staples or outfits you will need. It also allows you time to find those items. If you are heading into spring, go through your winter clothes and pick a few that will not make next years’ cut. This allows you months to replace items and gives you time to think about what you really need. If you are finding it hard to actually throw out any clothes (be honest), it may be time to enlist help. Get help from a friend or family member that has good style and not afraid to dish out some tough love. Sometimes what you need is for them to have the power of veto. If it wasn’t for the bad fashion cop approach of my friend Emily, I’d still be hanging on to gaucho pants….

In the end as much good times you had with your old clothes, it’s not worth affecting your confidence.


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