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First 3 Things Men Notice About Women

I know, I know. You all get the bad rap for being hard to understand while us dudes get off easy – and that’s not fair. I know we can be pretty dang confusing sometimes and we leave you wondering what the hell just happened. That’s true in my life too – just ask my wife.

I often get asked by female friends for my take on how to make the best first impression on a guy they may think is super attractive. Truth is, we typically can tell within a matter of seconds if you’re someone we’d like to pursue. And, no, I don’t mean just pure physical attraction (while that’s part of it). Each of us certainly have our own preferences, but we all typically will notice these 3 things first – and each of them are directly correlated to our desire to pursue.

  1. Smile/Face. We notice facial features and smile. While we all have different preferences for what we think is attractive (softer features vs striking features, etc), we definitely are noticing your face. Does she cake on the makeup and look like a hooker, or is she more natural? (Go with the latter.) Does she have good teeth? Does she seem nice? Coming across as a approachable is huge for a guy, and a genuine smile scores massive points. We get nervous, too – and if you have “resting b*tch-face,” that will definitely lower the likelihood of your meeting Mr. Right.
  2. Figure. Let’s just say it. Guys are visual. Yes, we notice your body. And while some of us are downright creepy and leer, even the most pure-intentioned gentleman will notice your figure. But – don’t sweat it! We all have different types! Some guys prefer super curvy, and others prefer thin as a rail. Just be comfortable in the body you’ve been given and take care of it! Focus on being healthy and fit for your body type, and you’ll be rocking out in this department. Don’t change a thing or wish you were different – you’re awesome the way you are.
  3. Demeanor/Energy. This is huge. If you come across as cold, disinterested, or arrogant, he’s not going to be interested. Often times, we can all come across this way without even knowing it. So, if you are interested – don’t be afraid to show it (a little bit). Don’t jump his bones the first second you have him cornered. But, it can’t hurt to make sure you’re body language is open, approachable, and relaxed.  Let him approach you, but you don’t have to give him extra obstacles. It takes guts to approach a woman. He’s probably nervous enough as it is. Nice + Easy-Going + Pretty = Sexy. 

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