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The 5 Body Language Hacks to Crush Your Job Interview

So you have a job interview – it’s your dream job and you want to be sure you stand out and rise above competition. Often – we’re so focused on what we are going to say we forget about how we’re saying it! Body language is HUGE and it’s proven that humans react subconsciously to body language. The science is there – so use it to your advantage. Odds are, the other people interviewing aren’t…

  1. Sit up Straight
    Be relaxed… as much as you can. You’ll be nervous, but you don’t want to look uncomfortable. Try power-posing beforehand and get in the right mental state.
  2. Uncross Your Arms and Legs
    This will help you look more engaged. Open body language will help build trust.
  3. Talk with Your Hands (within reason…)
    Subtle hand movements and gestures help in explaining and storytelling. Being enthusiastic and energetic will set you apart… but don’t flail about like a drunken monkey.
  4. Smile and Nod
    Smiling is key for a great first impression. Make sure you’re clearly engaged and interested in the conversation.
  5. Be aware of your voice
    Be aware of pitch. Don’t end every sentence with an upward inflection (as if it’s a question.) Have “adult” tonality – try recording yourself. Go for an FM radio announcer or talk-show host with a personality. Don’t try to change your voice – just be aware of how you’re coming across. Tone is so underrated. Proper tone will make you come across cool and confident.


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